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Disclaimer: All this information has come off of the deviantart member "xXTerraXx." I am only sharing this with you because I believe it needs more publicity, and it needs to be known. Here are some Korean sites that explain how Vocaloid's song "Dark Woods Circus," is all based on a TRUE STORY.

"Dark Woods Circus" Song, With English Sub -…

Information gathered/translated from -…,… (It's all in Korean, but I'll explain it. Also, this is not to insult anyone, this is just for history.)


In the Edo period of Japan, which was after WWI, people looked for pleasures so the demand for "pleasure tents" was high. The tents were filled with rare items and whatnot.

But sometimes people would kidnap or buy children and cut off the children's body parts and display them as part of the entertainment. Obviously they couldn't really put a human with an animal part, but what the children had to bear were grotesque. Sometimes they would get acid thrown at their face, get an arm or a leg cut off, have a muscle removed, etc...
But that's not all - sometimes people would pay to see children be raped.

This was all for money, and Korea did this to some extent as well. Why is this not known?

First, you to see them, you had to look through a small hole, so taking a photo was hard. Second, if you took a photograph, there was a high chance that it was burned. It also wouldn't be surprising for the Japanese government to burn any documents regarding those tent circuses since the government's pretty notorious for trying to cover up those kind of stuff (to those who don't believe this, look up information about the Japanese textbook cover-up about their military's horrible, horrible crimes during the occupation of Asian countries during WWII).

Now, knowing this, let's interpret the Dark Woods Circus song.

Len and Rin, sewed together, lures young Meiko into their tent. Rin's eyes glow red, as if saying that she's hypnotizing Meiko.
She flows the duo into a tent in the deep, deep forest.
The giant Neru and Haku stand guard, as if to catch anyone who escapes. It could be that they're seen to be giants because Meiko is a child (adults seem huge when you're little) or that they too, are victims of the biological surgery.
Meiko looks in the little hole to see what's inside the tent.
She sees two-head, one-body Len and Rin. Len has no expression while Rin is smiling. They're holding what seems to be Kaito's food (human arms).
She also sees Miku with horses legs. It seems that she's lost her sight as well.
She sees Kaito, whose brain is switched with that of a dog. He only eats cold things. And guess what? Human corpse gets colder as time passes. He's tied up to prevent him from being wild.
Kaito's spit turns to Miku's tears. She's so much in pain, that she can't stop crying.
'I couldn't have been born with this body' - the lyrics talk about the poor children who was turned into a biological experiment, having their body parts switched and cut-off.
Len comforts Miku by kissing her hair.
People are staring at them. They wonder why people are staring at their mutilated bodies.
The flowers on Akaito's face represents acid. Acid was sometimes thrown on the faces of bad children to discipline them.
Len and Miku have acid marks on their face (with Miku having more wounds). It seems that they were bad, but Rin is fine because she was a good child.
Meiko sees all this through the hole.
Though the children are in pain, the circus continues.
The children must continue to smile and entertain the people.
The PV shows young Miku, Rin, Len, etc. watching the show (this is before they were mutilated).
Rotten fruit. It symbolizes the loss of virginity, and the girl falls into madness.
Someone throws acid on her face and her eyes melt.
It turns out that Miku was raped for show and Akaito couldn't handle the pain of the acid and committed suicide.
Miku wants to die, having lost her virginity, sight, and legs.
Rin and Len cry, wanting death.
The children suffering so much, they're crying out for death.
Miku wants to be let out of her jail, but the giant Haku and Neru stand guard.
Someone who looks like an adult Meiko (Meiko acts as two different people) seems to be the owner/leader of the circus.
Little Meiko was secretly watching the circus and she gets found out.
'I stretched my crumpled body' - is she talking about herself being part of the mutilation?
Young Haku and Neru are going back home after the show.
They now only have each other for support.
Young Kaito is going back home after the show, only to be stopped by adult Meiko.
'This child is sitting alone' - maybe it's talking about the bitterness about being mutilated in an isolated place.
Kaito with his dog brain, smiles, still tied up in a dark room.
'There was a big shadow' - maybe Haku and Neru?
Then adult Meiko also lures young Miku.
Miku who lost her virginity, sight, and legs.
Then young Miku waves at young Rin and Len.
Rin and Len now share one body.

Now the scene goes back to the crowd, where young Meiko was first seen.
Then her eyes glow red and you can see the acid wounds. It turns out Meiko was captured and mutilated as well.
'I enjoy it' - she's faking happiness while hiding her pain.

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