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It's my gallery! If you have time, check it out if you want. :3
~I love all my ocs!~

Don't steal them.


These are my faves. Really, they're wonderful. c': :iconnoproblemplz:




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(Meme designed by Touch-the-Fire)

1. Set your music player on shuffle. 

2. List the first ten songs that play.
3. Create a piece of art including your character that has to do with the song. 
4. Post it C: 
5. Tag 10 People (one for each song~)
"6." If you have no characters of your own, then use your imagination and create what you like.  ( I SHALL )

My Songs:

1. Addicted - Simple Plan
2. Britney Spears - Hold it Against Me
3. My Chemical Romance - I Don't Love You
4. Paradise Fears - Battle Scars
5. Super Psycho Love - Simon Curtis
6. Pierce the Veil - Hold on Till May
7. Janoskians - Real Girls Eat Cake
8. John Legend - All Of Me
9. Avril Lavigne - Things I'll Never Say
10. Mike Posner -Cooler Than Me

Like I said, I'll do the song character thingy. I did skip a few, on #1 the first song that came up was Simon Curtis - How to Start a War, but I've already made a drawing with that song, so I skipped it. :3 And on #10 I first had Avril Lavigne - I Love You, but I already had her for #9, so I chose a different artist. So you'll see more art from me comin' soon~
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  • Playing: Ibbbb~
  • Eating: -screams- nothing
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew


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Allison, but call me Ash.
United States
Ohai. My name is Ash,. but my real name is a secret. ^3^ I like many Animes, YouTubers, Bands, and AHS!:dummy: //#PRAYFORPDAR I miss you all, Pavi, Dakota, Asher, and Ronnie. I lost my best friends, my advisers, and my brothers to suicide. I don't want another one to be lost. // X. Self-Harmer. X. Other places you can find mwah: Instagram: sweetnothingofparadise . Kik: RinXScourge ...Oh yas~ I also have a wonderful girlfriend -- if I have not made that clear down below. xD I love her to death! Mwah bb 1/18/14.

:heart: PANSEUXAL :heart: :iconleftangelwingplz: HEARTS NOT PARTS! :iconrightangelwingplz: :iconsilverheartplz: LGBT RIGHTS :iconsilverheartplz:
:iconfloatingheartplz: :iconashfur222: x :iconkissingincarslxa: :iconfloatingheartplz:

:heart:~My dA Family~:heart:
Girlfriend: :iconkissingincarslxa: I love you. More than anything in this entire world, no matter what.
Half Sister(irl too) : :iconway-to-haven: I love yooh, your a good sister~
Time Muffin: :iconxxtrunks-briefs: I love you~ Mah Time Muffin!
The Magical Jelly Bean Sister: :iconxxdreamqueenxx: Jellybeans! :dummy:
Dragon Buddy: :iconscales-the-dragon: I look up to ya bro, yooh amazyn. ^-^
My pet cat: :iconpandemoneum: I love her drawings so much, and she's so cute! :3
Kitty Buddy: :icondarkz67: Best kitty buddy evah.
My Jolteon: :iconColbatCerebus: ovo~ I love your drawings~ MAH WITTLE JOLTEON!
Scourge-Obsessed Cousin- :iconxxkomorixx: You make amazing drawings, and you are so awesome!! .w.
Role Model: :iconthenandmshow: Helps me through a lot. I love her. XD

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