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It's my gallery! If you have time, check it out if you want. :3
~I love all my ocs!~

Don't steal them.


These are my faves. Really, they're wonderful. c': :iconnoproblemplz:




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Oh my god.
Guys. GUYS.

This is now my favorite song, I can't stop listening to it.  I had watched Troye in the past on YouTube, and this song...just makes me love him more. ;A; It's like one of those songs that's so important to you, you don't know what to do with yourself.

I've lately been depressed again, since my girlfriend moved to a different state [Florida.] I have no one else to go to anymore, and everyday has just been terrible. I cry every night, and it's getting to the point my friends want to talk to my parents. On good days, I will talk to them a little bit, but I usually just want to be silent and cry. My sadness has gotten me into a fight with one of the only friends I have left, that I'm probably about to loose.

But this song. It makes me happy, it makes me forget the fact that she isn't here anymore. The fact that she's even more distant than she used to be. The fact my other friends get to see their own friends. The fact that I won't be able to ever see her the way I used to again. What's worse, my mom said she'd find me a therapist after she found out I was depressed. That was about 2 months ago, I still haven't seen a doctor. Life just keeps getting worse nowadays. Anyway, I  bawled when I first heard the song...

Happy Little Pill:
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Allison, but call me Ash.
United States
Ohai. My name is Ash,. but my real name is a secret. ^3^ I like many Animes, YouTubers, Bands, AHS, and OITNB!:dummy: //#PRAYFORPDAR I miss you all, Pavi, Dakota, Asher, and Ronnie. I lost my friends, my advisers, and my brothers to suicide. I don't want another one to be lost. // Other places you can find mwah: Instagram: sweetnothingofparadise . Kik: RinXScourge ...Oh yas~ I also have a wonderful girlfriend -- if I have not made that clear down below. xD I love her to death! Mwah bb 1/18/14.

:heart: PANSEUXAL :heart: :iconleftangelwingplz: HEARTS NOT PARTS! :iconrightangelwingplz: :iconsilverheartplz: LGBT RIGHTS :iconsilverheartplz:
:iconfloatingheartplz: :iconashfur222: x :iconkissingincarslxa: :iconfloatingheartplz:

:heart:~My dA Family~:heart:
Girlfriend: :iconkissingincarslxa: I love you. More than anything in this entire world, no matter what.
Half Sister(irl too) : :iconway-to-haven: I love yooh, your a good sister~
Time Muffin: :iconxxtrunks-briefs: I love you~ Mah Time Muffin!
The Magical Jelly Bean Sister: :iconxxdreamqueenxx: Jellybeans! :dummy:
Dragon Buddy: :iconscales-the-dragon: I look up to ya bro, yooh amazyn. ^-^
My pet cat: :iconpandemoneum: I love her drawings so much, and she's so cute! :3
Kitty Buddy: :icondarkz67: Best kitty buddy evah.
My Jolteon: :iconColbatCerebus: ovo~ I love your drawings~ MAH WITTLE JOLTEON!
Scourge-Obsessed Cousin- :iconxxkomorixx: You make amazing drawings, and you are so awesome!! .w.
Role Model: :iconthenandmshow: Helps me through a lot. I love her. XD

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