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I'm making another 'All About Me' for you guys bc obviously I've changed since the last one. Which was November 27, 2012, WHEN I STILL HAD THAT SHITHEAD OF A BOYFRIEND BUT NOW HE'S GONE WHOO HOO

So um, hihi. My name is Alli, but you know me as Ash, don't you? Well Alli isn't my real name either, it's Allison. So, the basics. I was born on October 26th, and currently in the 8th grade. Please don't try to calculate my age. I like Lily, American Horror Story, Anime, Lily, Bands, YouTube, and did I mention Lily? I don't have many irl friends due to shyness and trust issues, but I have many internet friends whom I'd do anything for. I'm Atheist and Pansexual. I have a mom, dad, 2 older sisters, and 1 baby brother. But I'm not that simple.

My 2 older sisters are my half sisters, the eldest and I have different mom's, the other and I have different dad's. My brother is my full sibling, we have the same parents. My childhood was crazy bc I had to juggle spending time at 3 houses, only because my parents got married when I was 4. They fight, a lot. But I think lately they try to calm down bc of my brother. I also had a leg problem when I was 3-4 causing me to have trouble walking for many months. I slowly got over that, but I still walk funny.

Now, here's when it gets sad. So if you don't want to hear about depression or self-harm, please skip this. In December 2012, yes, a little after the first All About Me, I had a breakup with a guy I'm going to call Shithead. Only now did I realize how much of an ass he was. He cheated, lied, and overall wasn't even loving. But I loved him then, so when he broke up with me, I wanted to die. I got depressed, not gonna lie, and I had cut my wrists (the first time I ever did,) when I got home. We were on and off, but I was never satisfied. I still cut, and I was still depressed. Shithead only dated me out of pity.

Even when I was with Shithead I started to fall for this girl named Lily. She was my best friend at the time, and I didn't know she felt the same. When I was sure about my feelings, right when I got home I broke up with Shithead for the third and last time, I said, "Look, your an ass, and I'm in love with my girl best friend that treats me way better than you ever did. We're over." Hallelujah.

Currently, I have not cut for a while, and you have Lily and my internet friends to thank for that. I admit I get depressed at times, but things are brightened up now more than it has ever been. And although my cuts did not usually bleed, they still meant something to me.

On a brighter note, my first kiss was with the same girl I fell so hard for. We kissed on 1/1/14, but not on the ball drop bc we were too nervous. We kissed to a Danisnotonfire video too xD I won't go into detail about it bc my face will get too red but you get the idea. We started dating on January 18th, 2014, and I love her so much. I won't get into detail about how much bc you guys probably already know CAUSE I TALK ABOUT HER ALL THE TIME

I have so many internet friends that I owe my life to, and whom I don't want to see a world without. Like Demi, for never giving up on me. Like Luke, who was always there for me when I was a wreck. Like Kevin, who always distracted me from the problem and comforted me. I was waiting for friends like them, the kinds of friends I feel won't leave me this time. I was waiting for all of you.

If any of you have questions about this, please ask me. Thank you for reading...I love you. c:
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Allison, but call me Ash.
United States
Ohai. My name is Ash,. but my real name is a secret. ^3^ I like many Animes, YouTubers, Bands, and AHS!:dummy: //#PRAYFORPDAR I miss you all, Pavi, Dakota, Asher, and Ronnie. I lost my best friends, my advisers, and my brothers to suicide. I don't want another one to be lost. // X. Self-Harmer. X. Other places you can find mwah: Instagram: sweetnothingofparadise . Kik: RinXScourge ...Oh yas~ I also have a wonderful girlfriend -- if I have not made that clear down below. xD I love her to death! Mwah bb 1/18/14.

:heart: PANSEUXAL :heart: :iconleftangelwingplz: HEARTS NOT PARTS! :iconrightangelwingplz: :iconsilverheartplz: LGBT RIGHTS :iconsilverheartplz:
:iconfloatingheartplz: :iconashfur222: x :iconkissingincarslxa: :iconfloatingheartplz:

:heart:~My dA Family~:heart:
Girlfriend: :iconkissingincarslxa: I love you. More than anything in this entire world, no matter what.
Half Sister(irl too) : :iconway-to-haven: I love yooh, your a good sister~
Time Muffin: :iconxxtrunks-briefs: I love you~ Mah Time Muffin!
The Magical Jelly Bean Sister: :iconxxdreamqueenxx: Jellybeans! :dummy:
Dragon Buddy: :iconscales-the-dragon: I look up to ya bro, yooh amazyn. ^-^
My pet cat: :iconpandemoneum: I love her drawings so much, and she's so cute! :3
Kitty Buddy: :icondarkz67: Best kitty buddy evah.
My Jolteon: :iconColbatCerebus: ovo~ I love your drawings~ MAH WITTLE JOLTEON!
Scourge-Obsessed Cousin- :iconxxkomorixx: You make amazing drawings, and you are so awesome!! .w.
Role Model: :iconthenandmshow: Helps me through a lot. I love her. XD

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