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It's my gallery! If you have time, check it out if you want. :3
~I love all my ocs!~

Don't steal them.


These are my faves. Really, they're wonderful. c': :iconnoproblemplz:




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MAH GIRLS! o3o by Ashfur222
I love them to death, they're so fun to be around omfg. I hope that you guys like them too, obviously. I just felt like I should all put them in one picture, even if Rin and Space hate each other's guts. XD

Kalel: Ah, whatever Ash! I can't stand these gu-
Grenade: B-But we're friends Kalel!
Hallie: Hunny, she doesn't deserve your kindness, c'mere to me!
Kalel: Oh shut up, you drunk.


Rin, Grenade, Kalel, Hallie, and Space (c) :iconashfur222:
Base (c) Owner
I'm bored. I'm bored of my usual music I listen to constantly. Do you guys have any songs I could listen to? I can't keep listening to the same things. XD
Reunited by Ashfur222
The feels. I really missed rping with you man. ;A; :heart:


Anyways. Hai guys~ Guess who's back, back again?~

Dim (c) :iconredstonehornet:
Rin (c) :iconashfur222:
Base (c) Owner
Rin Updated by Ashfur222
Rin Updated
-- Character Update Available.
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Character Updated. --

Name: Rin Sakine.

Nickname(s) : Rinny.

Species: Cat Demon.

Age: unknown.

Sex: Female.

Orientation: Straight.

Personality: She is called bipolar. She is usually kind, funny, and caring towards her friends. Other times she can be sad, or borderline insane.

Powers: unknown. Has a Demon Eye from Deform The Demon.

Past: She has never known her birth mother - she was taken to a new family right when she was born. Her foster parents were afraid of her - being born into a Demon Clan, so they mistreated her. Around her 14th birthday, her foster parents were killed (culprit not yet found) and her older step-sister Stella had to care for her and her brother, Seigi. When she was ready to live on her own, she bought a new house when her biological Dad came. She let him stay at her house, since he had to go into hiding from another clan. She then learned that her clan had invaded many others when she was a child, and those clans wanted revenge. She then found her Dad killed in her own home. Now, she is just trying to run from the things wanted to atone from loosing their families and homes because of her clan. They want to kill the Princess - possibly the only living Demon alive from the clan - Rin.
Space The Hedgehog by Ashfur222
Space The Hedgehog
-- New Character Received.
Download the Character?   X Yes   No

Character downloaded. --

Name: Space Edvardson Lee.

Nickname(s) : Milky Way, Twinkle.

Species: Hedgehog.

Age: unknown.

Sex: Female.

Orientation: Bisexual.

Personality: She's a tomboy, at best. She loves to get all rough but she'll want to cuddle up with you if she loves you. Quite cute, sometimes.

Powers: It is said that she can mess with the Space/Time continuum, hence her name, but no one has never seen that happen.

Past: Not much is known about her. She was born to King Altair and Queen Atria Lee as their Space Kingdom was crumbling. As her kingdom was falling even at a young age, the princess could do nothing about it. It fell to an invasion and her parents were slayed by demons, leaving her to be sent of to someplace else. Now, all she wants is to get revenge on a a demon that was daughter to the one who had slayed her parents, Rin. Rin wants no part of this, however Space feels like it was her fault that her home was torn and that she should atone for what she had done. She had moved after her Kingdom was all debris, the Kingdom she ruled and was accepted, moving in near Rin.
Oh my god.
Guys. GUYS.

This is now my favorite song, I can't stop listening to it.  I had watched Troye in the past on YouTube, and this song...just makes me love him more. ;A; It's like one of those songs that's so important to you, you don't know what to do with yourself.

I've lately been depressed again, since my girlfriend moved to a different state [Florida.] I have no one else to go to anymore, and everyday has just been terrible. I cry every night, and it's getting to the point my friends want to talk to my parents. On good days, I will talk to them a little bit, but I usually just want to be silent and cry. My sadness has gotten me into a fight with one of the only friends I have left, that I'm probably about to loose.

But this song. It makes me happy, it makes me forget the fact that she isn't here anymore. The fact that she's even more distant than she used to be. The fact my other friends get to see their own friends. The fact that I won't be able to ever see her the way I used to again. What's worse, my mom said she'd find me a therapist after she found out I was depressed. That was about 2 months ago, I still haven't seen a doctor. Life just keeps getting worse nowadays. Anyway, I  bawled when I first heard the song...

Happy Little Pill:
  • Listening to: Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan
  • Reading: Messages
  • Watching: For messages c;
  • Playing: Ibbbb~
  • Eating: -screams- nothing
  • Drinking: Nothin


Ashfur222's Profile Picture
Allison, but call me Ash.
United States
Ohai. My name is Ash,. but my real name is a secret. ^3^ I like many Animes, YouTubers, Bands, AHS, and OITNB!:dummy: //#PRAYFORPDAR I miss you all, Pavi, Dakota, Asher, and Ronnie. I lost my friends, my advisers, and my brothers to suicide. I don't want another one to be lost. // Other places you can find mwah: Instagram: sweetnothingofparadise . Kik: RinXScourge ...Oh yas~ I also have a wonderful girlfriend -- if I have not made that clear down below. xD I love her to death! Mwah bb 1/18/14.

:heart: PANSEUXAL :heart: :iconleftangelwingplz: HEARTS NOT PARTS! :iconrightangelwingplz: :iconsilverheartplz: LGBT RIGHTS :iconsilverheartplz:
:iconfloatingheartplz: :iconashfur222: x :iconkissingincarslxa: :iconfloatingheartplz:

:heart:~My dA Family~:heart:
Girlfriend: :iconkissingincarslxa: I love you. More than anything in this entire world, no matter what.
Half Sister(irl too) : :iconway-to-haven: I love yooh, your a good sister~
Time Muffin: :iconxxtrunks-briefs: I love you~ Mah Time Muffin!
The Magical Jelly Bean Sister: :iconxxdreamqueenxx: Jellybeans! :dummy:
Dragon Buddy: :iconscales-the-dragon: I look up to ya bro, yooh amazyn. ^-^
My pet cat: :iconpandemoneum: I love her drawings so much, and she's so cute! :3
Kitty Buddy: :icondarkz67: Best kitty buddy evah.
My Jolteon: :iconColbatCerebus: ovo~ I love your drawings~ MAH WITTLE JOLTEON!
Scourge-Obsessed Cousin- :iconxxkomorixx: You make amazing drawings, and you are so awesome!! .w.
Role Model: :iconthenandmshow: Helps me through a lot. I love her. XD

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